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the story you’ve been told

Be honest: you’ve been letting the styled shoots and promotional campaigns with gorgeous models and perfectly curated locations tell you, “this is where you want to be, and this is what you want to look like.”

We house a different kind of curated collection. Our aim is to help you stop telling yourself stories about what you should be wearing or how you should look, and to instead help you discover your inner fashion goddess with purposeful pieces that bring joy to your closet and propel you toward confidence in your appearance.

drop the fuss

Our clothing helps you feel put together without a background in style & fashion. That’s because we only sell products that enhance your personality, not inhibit or change it. It’s time to drop the fuss about what pairs with what, or which pieces are going to look best in your next Instagram post. Simply be you.



Beyond delivering super cute styles to accent and enhance your wardrobe, we dedicate our business to the empowered everyday girl. You have your dreams, and we have ours. Your wardrobe will get to experience those special moments right there with you, and we so appreciate that we’ll be part of your successes in that small way.


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Have a question? Need assistance? Want to pick our brains about what to wear to your big meeting, your girl’s night out, or to what you feel may be your last first date?
We got you, babe.